States of Matter

Matter exists in 3 physical states: solid, liquid & gas.


Solid has fixed volume, fixed shape, & cannot be compressed.

  • Solid particles are packed very closely together in an orderly manner.
  • Solid particles can only vibrate at their fixed positions.
  • There are strong forces of attraction between the solid particles.


Liquid has fixed volume, no fixed shape (follows the shape of the container), & cannot be compressed.

  • Liquid particles are packed together but not in an orderly manner, there are some empty spaces between the liquid particles.
  • Liquid particles are free to move throughout the liquid.
  • There are strong forces of attraction between the liquid particles.┬áThe forces of attraction between liquid particles are weaker than those in┬ásolid particles.


Gas has no fixed volume & no fixed shape (follows the volume & shape of the container). Gas can be compressed easily.

  • Gas particles are very far apart from each other, there are many empty spaces between the gas particles.
  • Gas particles can move freely & randomly at all directions.
  • There are very weak forces of attraction between the gas particles.